New Product Launch – Agrihealth Hoof care kits

Agrihealth has provided a wide range of hoof care products for many years and later this month dairy farmers will see a new look pack on merchant shelves as we launch two new products with the Agrihealth Hoof Care Starter & Refill kits.  Both kits bring together proven Agrihealth products that have been distributed for many years in a convient kit.

Agrihealth Hoof Care Starter Kit
2 x Bovibloc Adhesive 160ml, 1 x Adhesive Applicator, 20 x Mixing Tips, 20x11cm Wooden Hoof Blocks.
Agrihealth Hoof Care Refill Kits
1 x Bovibloc Adhesive 160ml, 10 x Mixing Tips, 10x11cm Wooden Hoof Blocks.

Both kits use Bovibloc adhesive, a long-lasting bonding adhesive system for attaching wood or rubber blocks. Bovibloc adhesive allows the creation of custom shoes in minutes alleviating painful hoof problems known to reduce milk production and fertility. Bovibloc has a 2-part adhesive system supplied in a convenient cartridge system to avoid any hand-mixing. With a working time of 30-40 seconds and a curing time of 2-4 minutes, Bovibloc enables a fast claw treatment even at low temperatures.