Cutting the transmission route of viruses

Personal hygiene measures are the first step in preventing the spread of viruses. It is also important to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that may be contaminated and thereby act as transmission route.

Intra Hydrocare is a unique and strong broad-spectrum disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and chelated silver which is used to disinfect hard surfaces and drinking systems in multiple areas of industry from medical facilities to intensive livestock, ships, and residential homes

Intra Hydrocare can be used for decontamination and disinfection by fogging, a process that disperses a mist that infiltrates all areas that are not accessible by standard cleaning methods.  The protocol is as follow:

1.    Ensure the room is free of people
2.    Close all access points to the room
3.    Wear goggles and safety mask
4.    Make a dilution of 2% Intra Hydrocare
5.    Use a fogger and fog at a rate of 35ml/min during 15 minutes
6.    Wait 1 hour and ventilate the room thoroughly

Surface & Equipment Disinfection
Wearing goggles and a mask, make up a 2% solution of Intra Hydrocare in water.  Spray it on hard surfaces at a rate of 200 ml/m2 using either a trigger spray bottle, a low-pressure sprayer, sponge or floor mop. For equipment disinfection, the equipment can be washed in disinfectant solution or sprayed and then wiped clean with a cloth or sponge.  Allow areas or equipment 10 minutes before re-use.

For more information on Intra Hydrocare please contact your local Agriihealth Representative or click here for our contact information.