A consistent warm milk supply for your lambs

What is the Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder and what is its primary use?

The Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder is a specialised milk dispenser designed for providing a consistent supply of warm milk to newborn lambs. It’s ideal for aiding in digestion and mimicking natural feeding conditions. This mobile unit can cater to 15-20 lambs or other young animals, offering a 24-hour supply of warm milk with its 22-liter capacity.

How does the Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder benefit the lambs?

The feeder maintains milk at a consistent temperature, which is crucial for aiding digestion and mimicking the natural feeding experience. This helps in reducing digestive problems in young animals, ensuring their better health and growth.

What are the key safety features of this product?

The product includes an element cut-off safety switch, which enhances the unit’s longevity and ensures safe operation. Additionally, its precision thermostat maintains a steady temperature, contributing to its safety and effectiveness.

What makes the Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder durable and hygienic?

The entire unit is designed with stainless steel, making it not only durable and suitable for repeated use over many seasons but also hygienic and easy to clean.

How does this product help in reducing labor costs?

The feeder allows for the attachment of up to four feeding tubes and comes with a minisuckler feeding kit, eliminating the need for bottle feeding. This significantly reduces labor costs and time spent feeding individual lambs.

What is the capacity and size of the Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder?

The feeder has a high capacity of 22 liters, allowing it to supply warm milk continuously over 24 hours. In terms of size, it measures 48x38x38 cm (19”x15”x15” inches) and weighs 10kg (21 lbs), making it mobile and easy to position in various locations with a power supply.

How user-friendly is this product?

With features like a temperature indicator light and precision thermostat, the Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder is designed for ease of use. These features make it simple to monitor and maintain the desired milk temperature.

Can the Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder be used in different locations?

Yes, its mobile design and manageable size make it suitable for use in various locations, as long as there is access to a power supply.

Where can I buy the Agrihealth Milk Warmer?

The Agrihealth Milk Warmer is distributed by Agrihealth via a wide network of agricultural merchants and other retail outlets. Click here to find out more.