New Product: Intra ECO-BATH – Ready for a fresh and green future


Intra ECO-BATH is a newly developed, innovative hoof bath solution to maintain and support healthy hooves and dermis. Based on natural ingredients the product fits in the European organic farm philosophy.

Passing the bath will give the hooves a fresh green colour, which clearly indicates cows that have passed.

The fresh minty smell stimulates all cows to walk easily through the foot bath with out hesitation.

5 reasons to choose INTRA ECO-BATH

  1.  Maintenance of hooves <5%
  2. A unique organic composition with chelated zinc & essential oils
  3. Strong adhesion for fresh green hooves
  4. Long-lasting activity, determined by Intra Eco-bath strips
  5. Safe and friendly for cow, farmer and biogas manure digester

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