Intra Repiderma: A Better Alternative to Iodine for Navel Care of Newborn Calves

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A recent study has found that Intra Repiderma, a skin protection product supplied as a pressurized aerosol spray, is a superior alternative to traditional iodine treatment for the care of newborn calves’ navels. The study, conducted by a team of researchers at a dairy farm in France, compared the use of Intra Repiderma to iodine in a group of 200 calves.

The results showed that Intra Repiderma was significantly better at improving and maintaining the health of the calves’ navels. While measurements for all parameters improved in the group treated with Intra Repiderma, they deteriorated in the group treated with iodine. In addition, none of the calves in the Intra Repiderma group had any navel issues, while 4% of the iodine group did.

There are several reasons why Intra Repiderma is a better choice than iodine for the care of newborn calves’ navels. First and foremost, it is more effective at improving and maintaining the health of the navels. It is also safer for the user, as it does not require handling concentrated iodine, which can be dangerous and irritating.

Another advantage of Intra Repiderma is that it is supplied as a single-use aerosol spray, which minimizes the risk of contamination and the development of resistant pathogens. This is in contrast to iodine, which is often applied using a dip cup that must be cleaned and refreshed between each use. Any leftover iodine solution can also end up in the manure pit, potentially leading to environmental contamination.

In short, the study suggests that Intra Repiderma is a superior option to iodine for the care of newborn calves’ navels. It is more effective, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Dairy farmers and veterinarians should consider switching to Intra Repiderma for the health and well-being of their calves.

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