Your Animals drinking water, harmless or fatal?

Water can become contaminated quickly from various means such as faeces and wildlife entering the water system. When this happens it can affect your animals health and welfare which can reduce milk production, weight carriage and energy levels.

Contamination of drinking water can happen not only from animals, but when certain products are added to the water, such as medicines, vaccines and nutritional supplements. This causes a biofilm which is a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. These pathogenic microorganisms including as E. coli, Salmonella, Avian Influenza Virus, African Swine Fever Virus. Pathogens when they enter the herd can spread quickly causing issues to all the animals in the herd.

Controlling pathogens can be extremely difficult with heavy cleaning systems having to be put in place and nutritional needs that have been depleted needing to be additionally met. To avoid this it is easiest to ensure that pathogens do not enter the system. Products such as Intra Hydrocare removes biofilm and kills all remaining pathogens without compromising the environment.

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