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The Trusti-Tuber was developed to solve farmer concerns around calf safety, calf comfort and usability with traditional oesophageal feeders. The Trusti-Tuber not only prevents bruising and injury to your calf, it also makes the procedure easier for you. Whether you are bottle feeding, teaching calves to suckle, nursing weak calves or providing essential nutrients via a tube feeder, the Trusti Tuber has you covered.

Vet and Farmer designed to ensure the smoothest and most practical feeding process for your calves. The right start is critical for your calves, both short term and for longevity, and the right products help you achieve optimum outcomes. The tube is designed to significantly reduce calf stress and discomfort. The soft, flexible tube,means that it can be  swallowed easily allowing the calf struggling to be minimized making the Trusti-Tuber very easy to use.

  • Easy for calf to swallow.
  • No bruising or injury.
  • No pressure on airway during feeding.
  • Easy to use.
  • Transparent flexible tube makes it easy to clean and monitor flow.
  • The Trusti-Tuber is suitable for cattle up to 200kg.
The combination of mouthpiece, flexible tube, specially designed safety tip and calf size markers ensure maximum calf comfort, calf safety and usability during tube feeding. The Trusti-Tuber has a sleek and simplistic mouthpiece with a muzzle stop, designed for the user to easily hold in place with one hand.

By sliding the tube through the mouthpiece, the tube will gently find its way around the delicate tissues of the throat to enter the oesophagus. When in position the tube will flex with the calf, avoiding any painful pressure points and injury. The Stopper and calf size markers provide easy guide for tube placement and positioning.


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The Trusti-Tuber is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

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