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  The TailWell2® PowerTail Trimmer in makes the arduous work involved with cutting hair on the tails of dairy cows easier. The removal of cow tail hair soiled with dung and urine is important for ensuring maximum hygiene of the herd, the milk and the milkier. 

The TailWell2® PowerTail Trimmer is quiet, light and produces a smooth cut. It takes no more than 4 seconds per tail and can easily be carried out during the milking process. It works on the principle of an outer blade rotating around an inner one, therefore there is no risk of injury to the animal or the operator Pre-cutting the hair is not necessary even in the case of heavy soiling or crusting.

  • Quiet to use
  • Trims in a smooth, fast cutting action
  • Drive shaft secures the trimmer into any suitable cordless drill of 18 volts
  • Pre-cutting heavily solid tails not necessary
  • Sturdy and Precise
  • Easy to sharpen with specially developed sharpening paste
  • Supplied in a handy plastic case for safe storage


  Regular lubrication is important, as with any trimming device, and should be done at from every 30t rims up to a maximum of every 50 trims.  100 to 200 tails can be clipped per battery charge but this can depend on the level of soiling. Blade sharpening may be necessary depending on the level of soiling (after 1000 to 2000 shears) and can be done easily and problem-free even by inexperienced users with the supplied abrasive paste. 

The TailWell2® PowerTail Trimmer has only three moving parts, which results in a cutting machine that draws the minimum amount of power, ensuring the maximum number of tails are cut from each battery charge.


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The TailWell2® PowerTail Trimmer is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

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