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MMi.S is a solution in microgranulated form, specially designed for easy use on the farm. Based on specific clay, algae and complementary selected materials, Olmix solutions can efficiently limit the impact of mycotoxins.

The key to combating mycotoxins in feed is to use a wide-spectrum solution, such as MMi.S, as it is effient in tackling  a wide spectrum of mycotoxins, including large and complex ones. Its innovative microgranulated format makes mixing into feed and handling on the farm easy.

  • For easy use on farm & better homogeneity in feeds (TMR & layer feeds)

  • No side effects on nutrient adsorption

  • Wide-spectrum of adsorption

  • From natural origin

With all animals, prevention is the best way to fight mycotoxins. MMi.S provides a wide adsorption spectrum. The microgranulated presentation allows a better mixing in the feed and a better handling on the product in the farm.


In pigs, Mycotoxin-related disorders are difficult to diagnose as they start at very low contamination levels and can be confused with symptoms of other opportunistic pathologies. The combination of several toxins at low toxicity levels may be as harmful as a single mycotoxin at a high toxicity level.


All poultry are sensitive to mycotoxins to varying degrees, depending on their type, age, production category, living conditions and nutritive status, as well as the type, quantity and duration of mycotoxin ingestion. Breeder hens, ducks and turkeys are the most sensitive.


Mycotoxins are involved in many disorders in cows. Various effects can be observed such as reduced feed intake, diarrhea, low milk production, mastitis, increased somatic cell count and decreased fertility rates.

In bovine feeding, the diversity of ingredients in rations can increase the presence and variety of mycotoxins. Since polycontamination increases the toxicity of each mycotoxin, a wide-spectrum solution is required.


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