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Mistral is a litter conditioner which, through its high humidity control improves the welfare and hygiene of your animals. Moisture is a fertile breeding ground for germs that increase bacterial pressure and ammonia production. It is also a source of discomfort for animals. Reducing moisture represents a major challenge for increasing environmental safety.

It has been scientifically proven that environmental factors directly impact the comfort, welfare, health and performance of animals. Even in the absence of manifest disease, an overly damp environment and poor hygiene carry immediate repercussions for animal productivity. Mistral makes the environment in which your animals live, dry and hygienic allowing for their best productivity.

What is Mistral used for? 


Dairy Dry Footbath
Digital dermatitis is a very contagious pathology that is growing worldwide. A Mistral foot bath keeps animals’ feet clean and dry to limit the development of bacteria responsible for this disease
Reducing mastitis
Mastitis is a major pathology in dairy production, linked to environmental pathogens. As the main source of bacteria, bedding must be carefully managed to prevent this disease.
Calving Calving Welfare
Young calves face environmental aggressors that can lead to neonatal diarrhoea, respiratory problems, infection of the umbilical cord, and so on. Mistral can be used to speed up drying and the time between calving and first colostrum intake, improving the chances of a critically successful first meal. Drying the umbilical cord closes one of the routes for pathogens and helps ensure good development for the calf.
 Poultry Ammonia emissions and litter quality
By improving litter quality through humidity control, Mistral litter conditioner limits the development of bacteria and ammonia emissions in the environment. This not only improves the birds’ well-being but helps reduce the use of straw, cutting bedding costs by up to 25%.

Mistral can reduce the level of ammonia exposure. Ammonia exposure can lead to leg trouble, pulmonary lesions and respiratory problems, blisters on legs and breast and motor disturbances leading to reduced growth.

 Pigs Piglets
  Thanks to Mistral, piglets dry faster at birth and can concentrate their energy on reaching the sow’s nipples to feed on colostrum. Mortality by crushing and exhaustion in the first 48 hours decreases significantly. By controlling humidity, Mistral also reduces the number of pathogens responsible for digestive disorders. The strong “olfactory memory” effect in piglets bathed in Mistral at birth limits the stress of weaning.

The Mistral is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

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