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MatingMark is convenient and easy to use with a click in crayon change. The wide, comfortable and durable straps combine with the “cross over” fitting and brisket mold to give a snug, firm MATINGMARK fit. This prevents slipping and wounding of the animal via chaffing or cotter pin injury, making MATINGMARK Harnesses very “ram friendly”.

MATINGMARK Harnesses are quickly and easily fitted and adjusted with fast “snap lock” buckles and sliders to secure lose strap ends.The world leading MATINGMARK “Click In” Crayon System makes fitting and changing crayons simple. It even allows crayon change while the ram is standing, with no need to turn him on his back.

  • Comfortable design for Rams
  • Easy to use and change Crayons
  • Strong and Long lasting
  • Specifically designed all natural crayons in 7 vivid colours
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The NO MATE Harness is for use in conjunction with a MATINGMARK Breeding Harness. NO MATE Harnesses allow rams to be temporarily made into teasers before being used for mating. This allows you to save on cost of vasectomies and feed. By attaching a NO MATE Harness to the MATINGMARK Harness, rams are prevented from penetrating.

Among users of this harness is Prof Kevin Staffordat the Massey Vet School in NZ who was “pleasantly surprised ” at how well these temporarily turned his entire rams into teasers. “With these harnesses allowing your boys to do two jobs,there is a lot of grass and animal expense saved without vasectomising”.

  • Easy to use
  • To be used with the MatingMark Harness for futher information on ewes cycle activity
  • Designed to be comfortable on rams
  • Allows rams to be used as teasers
  • Reliable and non-slip design
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The MatingMark & No Mate is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

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