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Heavy Duty Dehorner

The heavy duty self-contained powerful Express dehorner operates in any position and offers an enclosed flame as well as a quick and easy thumb-controlled igniter. It is a compact and all metal dehorner, with a compact design. The unit is lightweight yet quality materials make it a durable tool. The dehorner has no cables and is portable. The Tempiture of 600 °C is reached in 5 miniutes.

The Heavy Duty Dehorner comes with its own support stand and has additional tips of 15mm and 20mm, to best adapt to various calf breeds. The Heavy Duty Dehorner takes approxiatly 7 seconds per horn bud and is safe to use in damp conditions.

  • Compact & Portable
  • Additional Tips available
  • Fully Servicable by AgriHealth
  • Built-in Piezo ignition
  • Max Temperature reached in 5 minutes

Pistol Grip Dehorner

The Pistol Grip dehorner is a compact and lightweight dehorner. It has safety handling features built in for fast and efficient dehorning .The gas canister screws into the handle eliminating cords and bulky tanks. The “One Finger Trigger” design provide for easy ignition and shutdown for safe operations. It also heats to 700°C  in about 70 seconds for fast,efficient dehorning.

The Pistol Grip Dehorner is extremely easy to handle, with its non-slip dual-material handle and pistol shaping making it comfortable and accurate to use.The Pistol Grip dehorner includes a support stand and is fully serviceable by Agrihealth. It also has many safety features such as its lock and operating positions. The Pistol Grip dehorner has 2 reversible internal tips included, 17mm and 20mm, allowing it to be adaptable for different breads.

  • Lightweight, portable & compact
  • Built-in Piezo ignition
  • Fully Serviceable by AgriHealth
  • Max Temperature reached in 3 minutes
  • Additional tips available


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The Heavy Duty & Pistol Grip Dehorners are distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

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