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Eco Natural Dairy Wipes

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Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are specially formulated for dairy use in wet climates. Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are made from high quality pulp fibers from beverage cartoons, which means no trees are cut down to make the paper.

The Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are food safe certified and conform to Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004. The fibers retain the natural colour and have no dyes, bleaches, or colourents added. The product can be used as part of a mastitis control and prevention programme. The wipes are made into long perforated sheets and are gently embossed for ease of use.

  • High wet Strength
  • Super Strong
  • Soft & Highly Absorbent
  • Food Contact Certified
  • No dyes, colourents or bleaching
  • Eco-label certified
  • Embossed and Perforated
Care is required prior to milking to ensure udders and teats are clean. Before employing milking clusters it is critical to wash and dry teats using the correct procedure. Failure to take simple precautions at the start of milking leads to rise in total bacteria count (TBC) and the possible development and spread of mastitis. EcoNatural Dairy Wipes are thicker, stronger and more absorbent, which makes the washing and drying of teats easier. They are strong and tactile when dry and soft when wet while still retaining their strength.

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The Eco Natural Dairy Wipes is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

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