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Copele is manufactures of livestock equipment, accessories and supplies specializing in poultry, dogs and pigeons. Copele works under the premise of the highest quality and durability of its products. We are specialists in industrial buildings and warehouses for poultry and rabbit building as well as drinkers, cages, feeders and accessories for all livestock.

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Poultry Drinkers

Our poultry drinker is made entirely out of high impact plastic which guarantees high resistance and durability. This means its able to withstand environmental conditions while maintaining a constant clean supply of fresh water for your hens and all kinds of birds.

Available in 20, 30 or 40 litres.

Poultry Drinker for 1st Age Chicks

This is a semi-automatic plastic drinker for first age birds. It is a bottom fill drinker and comes in various sizes from 2 litres to 12 litres.

Poultry Hopper Feeder

The poultry hopper feeder is a strong and versatile feeder.  The Frustoconical tank prevents the feed from clumping and can easily fall to the dish, which is of considerable height and beading is towards the inside with an anti-waste-ring, preventing birds to tossing and wasting feed.  

The cover helps to keep out any dirt from getting inside the tank, thus preserving the feed in good condition and handle is made of a galvanized rod, which allows it to be suspended and hang with the cord supplied fixed to the height you see fit. The feeder begins at 1.5kg and has variant sizes up to 16kg.

Poultry Feeder Metal Safeed Automatic

Poultry hopper feeder designed to be opened with mechanical action once the bird stands on the arm. Its design prevents rodents and other birds accessing the food and lessens waste of feed.

It is made with hot dipped galvanized steel and the pedal is made of blue PVC. Due to its ergonomic design it is easy operated and quiet meaning birds quickly learn how to use it. Can be used inside or out . It has transparent display to show feed level when 1/3 full. It comes in  sizes of 6kg, 12kg, 20kg and 30kg to make it suitable for every poultry owner.

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