My Poultry

“For all types of domestic fowl!”

My Poultry produce a range of high quality products for domestic chicken owners. Formulated by nutrionists and approved by vets, my poultry has everything you need to keep your brood healthy and happy. Below is a sample of some of the products aimed at the UK and Irish market.

Multivitamin Supplement

A complementary vitamin blend for all types of domestic poultry (laying hens, broilers, turkeys). Particularly beneficial at times of stress for example moulting or for rescue hens, young birds or birds that are showing signs of inappetite or depressed activity.

Egg Shell Improver

A Complementary balanced nutrient solution to help maintain or improve egg shell quality. Use at times of stress when birds are starting to lay or when returning to lay after moulting. For rescue hens, who frequently show symptoms of poor bone strength as well as poor shell quality due to the strains of a life of continuous intensive egg production, shell aid is a great help in all aspects of calcium metabolism. As domestic hens age egg shells can get thin or develop unsightly bumps and chalky deposits. They may also shatter too easily this is where shell it will be of great help.

Digestive Recovery

A Complementary feed for use where diarrhoea or other enteritis type problems become apparent. Poultry benefit from Digest Aid’s naturally occurring essential oils such as oregano, thymol and eugenol when recovering from digestive and intestinal problems.

Electrolyte & Vit C

Electrolyte+Vit C for viral support, enhanced well being and performance. Can be used during varying conditions of heat stress. Helps counteract negative outcomes of heat stress by providing lost nutrients when feed intake drops.