Agrihealth Veterinary Services

With over 50 years of experience, Agrihealth Veterinary Services are constantly evolving to the ever-changing needs of the intensive food-producing industries.  Reviewing, upgrading and adapting to new technologies form part of the everyday process of delivering on our client’s needs.

We work closely with the intensive Pig & Poultry industries. As a dedicated team of Veterinary Surgeons, we specialise in areas such as disease control and monitoring programmes, quality assurance, training & education and audit. We also liaise with Governmental Authorities in the areas of disease control and have close links with industry enabling a consistent flow of up to date information on the latest technologies and pharmaceutical developments.

Our team of experienced Veterinarians
Ciaran Cunningham MVB M.Sc. FSM MRCVS P.J. O’Reilly MVB M.Sc. MRCVS
Paul Lawlor B.S.c MVB MRCVS John Cottney BVM&S MRCVS

Poultry specific veterinary and technical services

1. Specialist laboratory for disease investigation: Post mortem investigations, Disease follow up
2. Farm Visits: Disease and Welfare Investigations, Post-mortem Examinations
3. Biosecurity: Advice on Terminal Hygiene, Advice on Disinfection Programmes, Advice on insect control
4. Training and Education: Educational Presentations, Newsletters, Staff Training
5. Welfare Advice
6. Flock health screening: Blood sampling, Parasitology, Virology
7. Audits: Vaccination, Medicine Usage, Health and Welfare
8. Laboratory investigations: On site laboratory, Parasitology, Microbiology, Serology, Virology

Pig specific veterinary and technical services

1. Farm Visits: Disease Investigations, Post Mortem Examinations, Salmonella Control Plan, Health Certification
2. Disease Profiling: Salmonella Profiling and Prevalence (BloodSampling), PRRS Sero-Profiling (Blood Sampling), Ascarid Roundworms (Faecal Sampling)
3. Training and Education: Educational Presentations, Newsletters, Staff Training
4. Surgical Procedures: Boar Vasectomies
5. Quality Assurance: Quarterly Veterinary Reports, Real Welfare Assessments, Veterinary Health and Welfare Plan Preparation
6.Health Screening: Slaughterhouse Examination, Fertility (Urogenital Organ) Examination Cull Sows
7. Audits: Vaccination, Medicine Usage Analysis (MEDUSA), Gilt Rearing, Hospital Pens
8. Laboratory Testing

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