Service and Repair

Agrihealth operate a dedicated servicing, repair and blade sharpening service located at their parent companies base at Agrihealth. The Agrihealth Service and Repair Team operates a wide range of services from advice on technical aspects to hands-on repair and blade sharpening. The team is made up of full-time in-house skilled and experienced technical staff who have many years of experience with clipper repair and service issues.

Click here to download the Agrihealth Service Request Form in PDF format >>

Click here to download the Blade Sharpening Form in PDF format >>

Please note if you are returning clippers for repair, it is important to return the recent blades used with the clipper so the blade performance can also be taken into consideration when assessing the repair.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Agrihealth Service and Repair Team to discuss your issue in advance please call 028 3831 4594 or email