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Safety | Ease | Security

  FarmCam HD is the all-you-need-in-a-box outdoor camera system for farmers. It works wirelessly through its own Wi-Fi and gives you video in Full HD on your TV, smartphone, tablet or computer.  

By watching the animals at a distance, you can act faster if something happens. For example, during the calving season you can save calves and cows in time if difficult deliveries occurs. In other words, when you buy a FarmCam HD, you invest in the safety of your animals meanwhile reducing your costs. With FarmCam HD you can also monitor unauthorized activity on the farm, such as at the diesel tank.

  • Alarms, night vision, recording
  • A camera system with robust and durable design
  • Monitor your calving box, barn, machinery or diesel tank
  • For the welfare of your animals and your security
  • Complete camera system for farm monitoring
  • Wireless setup without the need of Internet connection.
  • Direct in your TV, PC or Smart-Phone (with internet)
  • Up to 1250m range (at free line of sight)
  • All you need in a box / Easy to install


  Connect up to 4 cameras, view and zoom on your screen or watch all 4 cameras at the same time to get an instant overview of several areas. With night-vision, FarmCam HD monitors your farm day and night. The camera features motion-detection, records both video and sound, and sends notifications and alarms directly to your smartphone or PC if it detects movement outside your working hours. FarmCam HD includes a fully water-proof camera with rugged design that is built to last.

Click here to download the FarmCam set up guide


The FarmCam is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

For details on your nearest stockist contact Agrihealth

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