HoofCare Spray Mat

HoofCare SprayMat

Hoof Care  | Accurate  | Hygienic

The HoofCare SprayMat is the ideal solution for contagious hoof diseases, especially in a robotic milking system. The system is made up of a series of layered rubber mats, which have been specifically designed to provide a constant flow of water through a number of nozzles. The water can be mixed with medication and/or disinfection agent. The liquid can only flow in one direction guaranteeing a clean output every time. The HoofCare SprayMat is ideally positioned at the exit of a parlor or milking robot where animals can cross it a number of times per day.
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Medication does not get contaminated
  • Suitable for any operation, including robotic
  • An ideal solution for contagious hoof diseases
  • Medication is consistently applied to the correct areas
  • Ensures all hoofs are disinfected several times per week

The HoofCare SprayMat in action

When the cow walks over the mat and steps with one foot on or near a coloured halfsphere nozzle, a valve will open and  the liquid is then forced out through the nozzle. The liquid is sprayed forcefully against the foot getting to those hard-to-reach areas. The liquid pressure and the height of the jet can be adjusted by a control unit. The system is connected to the water mains and a dosing pump in the control unit will add the correct amount of medication to the water if required.

The mat requires no maintenance and can be left in a permanent position as it is not an obstacle to animals. The use of the mat ensures all hoofs are disinfected several times per week thus reducing labor costs. The HoofCare SprayMat is an ideal solution for contagious hoof diseases especially in a robotic scenario although the system can also be used in any milking parlor configuration.

Click here to download the Vink Hoofcare Spray Mat user guide

The Vink HoofCare SprayMat is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Agrihealth.

We are currently working to expand the number of installers across the UK & Ireland.

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